July 28, 2007

JoAnn & Jason

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Please drop us a line and sign our online wedding guest book. It only takes a minute to leave your mark on our website that will last for many years to come. We would love to hear from each and every one of you! Be sure to let us know if you are going to make the journey out to Los Angeles. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the wedding! The guest book is now closed.

HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY!! Enjoy your special day and cheers to many more. Lots of love...
Steve & Laurice Smith, Torrance, CA [ July 28, 2008 ]
Congratulations guys! We wish we could have been there. The website is awesome. I'm glad I was able to see all the pictures. The wedding, your dress, & the colors were so beautiful. Everything looked perfect. Jess, Ryan, & Gavin
Jess Skjeret, Jamestown, ND [ August 2, 2007 ]
Mr & Mrs Husman!! Your wedding was amazing. We were so blessed to be part of your celebrations. The rehearsal dinner was such a great idea to have everyone come together to meet and wish you well. Thank you for an awesome dinner and for the birthday wishes :) Thanks to your mom for the flan! Your wedding was simply beautiful. You both looked amazing. I was so touched by the ceremony. The reception was a lot of fun! We sat next to some great people and the room was filled with love. Thank you for the Tiffany champagne flutes!! AWESOME! We hope you two enjoyed the night and had a great honeymoon. We love you and wish you all the best! Just remember... it will get hard. Love one another and keep your relationship centered around God. THANK YOU!!
Laurice, Torrance, Ca. [ July 31, 2007 ]
Congratulations JoAnn & Jason. We were surfing the web and found your sight. Best wishes. Mike, Laurie and family. [can't make it]
Mike Fietzek, Elko, NV. [ July 12, 2007 ]
You are a very special couple and your photo album is so much fun to look through. You have many memories already. I will be thinking of you on your wedding day and wishing I were there. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the both of you. Enjoy your life together. You are special. [can't make it]
Paulette Swartz, Grand Forks, ND [ June 28, 2007 ]
Congratulations our your upcoming wedding. The dreams of many have been done by both of you already, but the joy of being soulmates for the rest of your lives will be even better. We will try our hardest to make the wedding. [hoping to come]
Todd And Carmen Cunningham, Houma, Louisiana [ June 12, 2007 ]
Congratulations on spending the rest of your lives together. We are very excited about coming to finally visit the new house and hang out in California. Makayla says, "Happy Wedding!" [see you there!]
Rodney, Tina and Makayla, Steamboat Springs, CO [ April 12, 2007 ]
Hey its about time someone finally got you to settle down. I hope that you have a wonderfull time at your wedding, and the rest of your days are happy. Enjoy your wedding day. [can't make it]
Bill Conroy, Chicago, IL [ March 17, 2007 ]
I am so excited to come to Cali! We are going to have so much fun. Sorry the kids are staying home, but me and my wonderful hubby will be just as much fun to have around! So mark me down for two people. I am soooooo excited!!!! Luv ya, luv ya! [see you there!]
Alecia Hasbargen, Campbell, MN [ March 10, 2007 ]
Dear JoAnn and Jason, Christian and I would like to meet you and the whole family at your Wedding Party in California. It's a pity that it is so far away from us - but we will be there with our thoughts on this special day. You are such a nice couple and we enjoyed your visit at our home very much. Good luck and greetings to all guests. [can't make it]
Horst and Christian Fode, Reinhardshagen, Germany [ March 1, 2007 ]
You're the cutest couple i've ever met!!! I am so happy for you guys and i look forward to coming to California. :) [see you there!]
Sonja Gerber, Neuss, Germany [ February 28, 2007 ]
Hey lovebirds!! Steve and I are SO happy for you two. Congrats again! ONE Love [see you there!]
Laurice Smith, Torrance, CA [ February 22, 2007 ]
See yall soon. [see you there!]
Dan Stratmeyer, Atwater, CA [ February 6, 2007 ]
JoAnn and Jason so happy for the two of you. JoAnn I can remember the first time I had the honor of meeting you. I had just come home from a baby shower and you had gone bowling with the family. I remember the smile and how much my kids adored you. Jason you have a beautiful incredible woman. Remember that. Mark and I are so happy for you guys. The 4 of us will be there. So many memories JoAnn [see you there!]
Amy and Mark, Gilbert, AZ [ February 4, 2007 ]
Dear JoAnn and Jason, I am probably almost as excited as you are that this amazing journey will have such a fairytale ending. I can't wait for the moment both of you will finally tie the knot on one of the most romantic and pristine beaches in California. You are amazing friends and truly deserve each other. I am glad you found each other and look forward to having a healthy, prosperous and happy future together. Mate- what an amazing journey or should I say rollercoaster ride- I am proud of you that you proved everyone what you are made of. Good Stuff- Martin [see you there!]
Martin Gerber, Marina del Rey, CA [ February 3, 2007 ]
All four of us are coming to the big day!! Can't wait to get there. Have fun with all the arrangements and plans. Love you both! [see you there!]
Lana & family, Wichita, KS [ February 3, 2007 ]
Hey guys! Erik and I are so happy for you both and look forward to being at the wedding! I love the new pictures! We wish you all the best during the next couple months with all the planning. Hope to see you in April!! :-) [see you there!]
Christine, El Segundo, CA [ February 3, 2007 ]
Nice webpage! I'll be there + 1 guest. Can't wait to see you, it's been toooooo long! [see you there!]
Crystal Hill, Minneapolis, MN [ February 1, 2007 ]
Hi Guys! We're so very happy for the two of you. Enjoy this special time...have fun with all the planning...as it will be here before you know it. You're going to have a beautiful wedding, and we can't wait for the big day! Wecome to the family, JoAnn! [see you there!]
Love, Mom & Dad (Glenn & Diane), Berthoud, CO [ February 1, 2007 ]
I'm excited for the big day and the vacation I get along with it kids!!!! I will be accompanied by Casey Bjornstad at your wedding, so put this GF girl down for two peoples! [see you there!]
Katie Fietzek, Grand Forks, ND [ January 31, 2007 ]
Have fun! [see you there!]
Victoria Fietzek, Grand Forks, ND [ January 31, 2007 ]
Brian and I are planning on attending. Can't wait to see you both again! Good luck with all of your wedding plans. [see you there!]
Sonja Soderberg, Mesa, AZ [ January 30, 2007 ]
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